Get your Baby to Sleep the Whole Night!

Decorate a Nursery with 5 $!

Make Teething Pain Pass by Unnoticed!

Read this and Your Toddler will Love his Vegetables!

I don’t know why I even bother to  click on such stuff. I guess it’s the same reason why someone would click on «Click on this and lose a WHOLE POUND»-  nothing to lose.

Yet, we do lose: time and energy- and most of all we lose faith.

Faith in the sane proposition that teething pain cannot pass by unnoticed and your baby will some day be sleeping the entire night but that takes time.

Those articles and their promising titles are supported by our guilt; by the feeling that we are not doing something right, ,because we are not experts. Well, this is where I draw the line.When it comes down to my kid,  I am an expert and I do Know that I do things right.

And what happens when, more often than not, the baby needs to let it out, when you have to work and be all active in the middle of the night, when you need to sleep. It’s okay- you can work it out. Just call it what it is:

a collision of interests!

Either you hire a baby nurse or “recruit” grandma, my point is you should trust yourself and remember you were a woman first and a mother much later. So, focus on covering your needs, while allowing the baby to go through stages at its own pace. If the baby is not mature enough to sleep the whole night- seek how that won’t have to mean that you go by sleepless, rather than fighting for a lost cause. (You already know baby always wins!)

(Tip: There is a solution to every problem. It’s a ying- yang thing)

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