Prepare for baby’s first road trip

In my case, prepare for it 24 hours in advance and without any prior notice!

Everything can be done with the right attitude, though, and we are going skiing so, my attittude can’t be any better!

We are staying at a chalet. So, there will be a kitchen where baby meals can be prepared and most things we need to use on a daily basis (bathtub etc).

Organization, packing and check-lists are what  I live for, so, let’s see :

Her Highness, Lady D. will wake up in the morning and will need her toothbrush (she only has two teeth but that doesn’t  mean she can’t have a good habit!)-her face and body cream (ok, i admit that sounds weird for a 7-month-old but she has this skin condition ever since she was born- it’s a type of dermatitis, we are talking about it some other time). Then, breakfast, so bring the bottles-cups- dishes- bowls- spoons- bibs- towels, thermal bag , along with the baby’s food and, of course, the hose to wash off the disaster! If we are lucky, it’s going to be naptime, so we need to figure out where she will be sleeping: our bed or some portable crib. I should check how much luggage space we will have after all our snowboard gear is packed. And because we usually do need a pacifier to chew on as we slowly fall asleep, we should take 4-5 (the rate I lose them is unnatural). I should not forget to bring plenty of underwear, clothes, hats, mittens, her EMU booties that I love and of course her snowsuit. Some of her favorite toys and a fleece blanket are definitely coming with us. I am also bringing something like a first aid box, containing fever syrup, thermometer,  cotton, antiseptic and bandaids.

Should there be any more room, I am filling it with diapers!

(5 hours later)

Everything is on the bed and ready to be packed.

I am not taking the stroller- nowhere to use it up at the snow center

I am not taking the portable crib- I would love to have her in our bed for a couple of nights.

So, that’s it.

Could it be that the idea of getting everything ready, was more stressful than the actual thing!

And of course the nanny. Because why else would I bother to go all the way to a ski resort if I am not to be part of the fun?!!?


(Tip: Hire a Nanny immediately and get some freedom and shape back!)

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