New Nanny (Worries)

Okay- first of all, I need to say I followed my own tip and it sucked big time! In other words, I hired a nanny a couple of days before leaving. In my defense, I had no idea I was leaving too. I hired her pretty much on the spot and out of relief that there actually was someone of my taste to take care of Daphne when I am not there.  Anyway, things were not as bad, but definitely not as ideal as I had imagined them to be.

My dream was pretty much of me skiing happily some five or six hours a day, which of course was not the case.I should have known that baby things take time.  Daphne did not fall exactly fall in love with her new nanny, who was panicking a lot as she is rather inexperienced and only made things worst!

I was happy to have gone on a trip. I think one of the keys to success was me realizing I was expecting too much, too soon. In the end, I had to stay in a little longer, Daphne started to trust her new nanny, who seems to be a little more confident now.

When it comes down to babies, even the strongest person is bound to lose control. They have their way of making things happen. So, I guess sometimes you have to take the plunge, do what you have in mind, see how it goes and keep the experience there for future reference.IMG_7944







(Tip: Be an optimist for a change!)

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