A Very Good Friday

A very good day today.

Perfect weather so I thought, good day to go visit a friend who lives on the other side of the island.  I blame it on persistent post-pregnancy fat and a winter with many restrictions, the fact is I decided to bike all the way there. Mission impossible. When I realized it was that far away, Ibegged Husband to come pick us up made a detour on a place I hadn’t been before although I live here for two years now.

It is where Fonias stream falls into the sea and a medieval tower makes it official.

Mom Fatale Fonias Tower Samothraki


Daphne found the  place very inspiring so she meditated for some time,

Mom Fatale Baby Meditating

an initiative which mommy applauded as it kept D. quiet for some time, before she went naked wild again, while launching a new way to wear underwear.

Mom Fatale Samothraki

In the end, daddy came pick us up and drove us to our friend B., who, rumors have, it is a fairy and fact is she lives by the river. Mommy had missed girl-talk and really appreciated a good woman-to-woman conversation which started at 12 and finished at 5.

Among other things, B.  told me she had made hypericum oil (St John’s wort oil) . They infused the herb grown at their garden  into great quality cold-pressed organic olive oil and made this amazing thing, for which I should remember to write a praise naming all positive qualities.

Mom Fatale Baba's Hypericum Oil

We had a nice and smooth ride back home as D. full, satisfied and ready to call it a day -had a bath, dinner and off to bed.

Daddy is out on a Husband Leave- Mommy will start to read her book as soon as she finishes this and that is altogether a very Good Friday, no? ( in B.’s  soft italian tone, no?)

(Tip: Start putting sun lotion on- everywhere and on everybody!)

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