Nanny Got Pregnant Sequel

This year, Saint Valentine’s was terribly romantic. Just not for me.  It was on that day we learned our former nanny was pregnant, wished her well and after a very short ski trip she joined us in, said bye-bye.

It was a difficult situation altogether. Baby was suspicious of newcomer and of snow. Baby ended up thinking snow was fine, as opposed to newcomer who had the nerve to think she could stay alone with Baby. “Newcomer must be fooling herself’,  thought Baby and  made sure crying on top of her lungs conveyed the message.

Babysitter freaked out and who could blame her. It was like frigging baby version of The Shine with the snow all around and the empty hotel. To her relief and our dismay, slopes were covered with ice and we had to stay in. Baby had a triumphant, bordering scary,  glow. Upon arrival we did not have a babysitter anymore, as she found out she was pregnant and is happily married by now. I wrote about it starting with «is this a joke?» because clearly I had no idea that things can always get funnier. In whatever way you take that.

Some days later, following BabySitter’s tip, found another candidate for the job. More experienced, more in control. «Perfect», we said and went on and hired her. A month, maybe less, later we went on a ski trip (it feels very weird having already said that story in a different language -but anyway) and had a pretty good time as BabySitter number two and Baby had already bonded and felt at home with each other. BS1 and BS2 are friends and of the same age, relevant or no you decide. The thing is that upon arrival we did not have a babysitter anymore- she found out she was pregnant. We cried of joy- I have become very emotional after Daphne’s birth- and said bye-bye.

We are in the BS 3 era.

She already has two kids. And,  ever since last night, her period! Yup, I specifically told her to call me. Excuse me for having started to feel  a bit too weird.  And – where I live- to run out of nannies!

mom fatale nanny rocks


(Tip: It could be a Murphy’s Law thing, but it’s better not to provoke the universe by claiming things can’t get any funnier.)



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