Balloon Games with Baby on a Rainy Day

Preparation:  30 minutes to talk Husband into it

Ready in: 3 minutes (time to blow up the balloons)

Serves: 3




mom fatale baby on a rainy day

- A persuasive mother.

mom fatale red balloon

-A willing, sweet-natured father.

mom fatale yellow balloon

-Some balloons.

mom fatale balloons


1. Blow up the balloons carefully and do it yourself as husbands tend, more often than not, to reminisce their childhood, when apparently whoever  stopped blowing up his balloon in fear of it bursting in its face was a chicken.

2. Let Baby experiment with balloons.

3. Enjoy sweet laughter and tiring playtime as Baby loves it , Husband is absolutely into it and you take it easy.

mom fatale red balloon


MF’s note: There are other activities too, but this is a summer rain, bound to stop pretty soon, so I won’t bother!


(non-Tip: I have been surfing the internet for ideas and there are articles with as many as 100 ideas. Honestly, who has the time to read that?!)

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