ERGObaby- The Carrier We Chose

I live in a place where hiking is inescapable! We love it and it’s part of what makes our lives here better! Of course we couldn’t think of discontinuing such a loved practise because of baby! Instead we tried to figure out how to help baby be part of it. Before we knew it, we were looking for carriers.

At first we were overwhelmed: there are so many products! Things get easier as you realize what you need.

What we needed was a carrier for the mountain, but also for bustling cities where strollers are not an option,

something light which can be easily packed, thus, with no hard parts.

Safety is also paramount so we were looking for a carrier  meeting industry safety requirements,

whose materials are organic as our daugher has a skin sensitivity,

with multiple carrying positions,

mother-friendly in terms of size

and not too expensive.

We got the ERGObaby organic, which has been an amazing choice, as it meets all the standards we set. ergobaby carrier

It cost 136 euros,

delivery was slow,

but when we got it and realized it’s as good as described, we forgot everything else.

The only drawback was that setting baby at the back position is a bit frustrating at first. ( but it took me less than a week to get it done without husbands” s help, though)

A big plus is it features the “hip position” which feels very natural, especially for chores or little errands.

A thing you should know is that you need to insert an accessory (sold seperately) for newborns between  3- 5,5 kgs ( 7-12 lbs)-so, be prepared.

We have been using it for a little less than a year now. Daphne loves it and is a veteran at jumping in by now. At all positions, at every given time, it feels very natural carrying her around.

All in all,

Higly recommended!

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