I don’t know what is more weird:

the word- or the fact.

The word is what gives Greek a bad name («unintelligible»)-

the fact is it’s Friday, the 13th.

the fact


I don’t know why so many people are superstitious.

It sounds crazy, but people tend to be so, thus, I am not going any deeper.


Bad luck is like bad publicity. There is no such thing.

the outsider momfatale.grSee? I told you so.

Now, think about it. It might all be constructed: a well-orchestrated propaganda. Pizza Mafia have been know to do such things.

the pizza side of the story


Even if you don’t think that’s the case, I guess we should all agree that no matter what, as long as you keep the lights on, everything will probably be fine.

the light factor


In the end, que sera sera but if  there’s a rebel in you, fight the stereotype!

Go for a super lucky Friday!

the wish


After all, you wouldn’t want to get stuck with «paraskavedekatriaphobic»,

would you?

If you don’t enjoy the day, there” s always the weekend.





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