Part of my role as an educator is teaching self-assessment to my students. Therefore, whenever I am given the chance I try to encourage creativity and originality when it comes to assessing oneself and link that to the learning experience.

The truth is that I did not see that coming, nor did I get it in the first place.

funny kid's drawing on momfatale.gr

She could have written something like «too difficult» or «I don’t think I did good» but no. That would have been borderline banal. So, she had to depict me shooting myself. And since that was a little cruel- still funnier than anything else-  I was given these…

smile and love and teacher love on momfatale.gr

…tokens of love and appreciation.

i love you teacher on momfatale.gr

Talking tact and diplomacy, nobody does it better than my students!

you are a princess on momfatale.gr


That, and … I” m a princess.

Apparently, there’s a first time for everything in life.


Have a great weekend!

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