[Part II] Long Overdue. No jetlag but lost in translation.

Overdue. This post, I mean. I was actually supposed to write about [Part II] of my Greek Summer Stories following my August post (in Greek). I am aware it is end of October but as one might think relocating once again doesn’t get any easier even if you have done it as many times as I have.

I was preparing for this second part of #mygreeksummer2014 #by_aspi, I had even created a hashtag on my instagram [photo bombing Greek islands and anything Greek for that matter], knowing that most of us already miss the sun, the smell of bougainvillea, the freedom of swimming suits and bare feet.

I reassured myself that nobody would notice this post being out of season cause I had this feeling that I might add a warm touch in our wintery moods, so no harm done!

Plus living in Los Angeles, California I am always in my summer mood [largely the reason why I decided to live here as permanently as possible].

I contemplated for almost a month while moving and all, and finally decided to spare you from my Greek adventures.

I am engaged in all manners of travel, from wandering backpacker through Latin America to hippie barefooted Mogli when island hopping in Greece to business traveler with my days sliced in hour intervals.

The Greek Summer is what usually motivated me throughout the year, the raison d’etre for me to work hard and be patient for the calm, relaxing, fun, sunny days to come. This year something changed; I didn’t need my Greek Summer that much. I spent the North Hemisphere Winter in Latin America’s Summer, mostly 35C with lots of mariscos (seafood), sun and ocean. Someone who doesn’t know any better might say that it is like the Greek Summer. Ha!

But truth be told, I didn’t need my Greek Summer that much. I spent my days working on things that made me happy, and used my spare time for traveling to magical places. This year was different. I needed the sun less than others, I needed the freedom less than most. But I needed home more than ever. 


Bougainvillea Stairs @Chora, Amorgos

Sokaki 2

Color symphony @Chora, Amorgos


Hence, I decided to let my iphonegraphy paint you the picture [«one image, a thousand words» as they say) of yummy sea urchin adventures, kaiki trips to deserted islands, perennial sun tanning on golden sand followed by hours of snorkeling by the seashore…


Picturesque Alley @ Chora, Amorgos

Kafenio Parvas

Kafenio Parvas @ Chora, Amorgos


…and give you just the gist of my summer. The wisdom of it all in one paragraph; concise and juicy. Here it is.

It was not just a love trip to the endless blue and white that my heart’s gemstone looks like; it was a return Home. What can one say about home? What can one say about homesickness, when done so many wonderful travels before reaching home? That is something that I would love to write about in another post, not in this one wholly dedicated to Greek Summers. So, I decided to just talk about two things; the spiritual realization, that AHA moment I had, and why I am writing in English instead of Greek.

Journey 2014: from Latin America’s Summer to the Greek one and only

When somewhere in Peru while meditating I found my nirvana, the transcendental experience that everyone reaches at some point, and that’s when it struck me; how similar that was to my summer experiences cruising the Aegean. For me Greek Summers are and always were my nirvana, the place where I am closer to God. The awe moment where love and gratitude meet, and where the meltemi just blows away all fear, procrastination and anger. That was my AHA moment, the ultimate game-changer in this year’s adventures.








Sea Urchin

Sea urchin @Kalofeggo, Pori/Koufonissi

Eggs Sunny side up

Goodbye Eggs Sunny side up @ Aigaio Kafe, Koufonissi | Alvie’s favorite

And that realization makes me wonder: Home is Home for everyone, and loving the place where you were born comes with the definition of self, doesn’t it?

So, I am like anyone else biased with their home-place. So, it’s ok that someone, ehm like J., would make fun of me and I am quoting: «You are the father in My Big Fat Greek Wedding with your Windex at hand and the knowingness in etymology of all words.» I admit it, I am.

But you know what, it is an ice breaker too. And makes me look cool and self-confident. But who am I kidding? Nobody could take my word on how unique our Greece is. Everybody knows how beautiful it is but they don’t want to hear it from me. [or do they?]


View @ Koufonissi


Port @ Koufonissi











Which takes me to my next point. I have been traveling extensively and for long periods of time. This little corner of earth makes my heart beat so fast as when he is around. Back and forth continents, in between cultures and most of the times lost in translation. My heart speaks Greek, my mind English and my J. Cantonese.

And that is why I felt proud with myself today. I did help J. write a motivational speech [nothing to do with Greece or Greeks haha]. He used a whole paragraph from my notes. I am all about writing, but he is always right you know :0). But this time he did; he used my notes. And he will again.

How great is it really when someone you admire so finds your thoughts useful and worthwhile. I am happy and amongst all for the part where he serves as my mirror motivating me «Aspi you can do it. Try it out. In English. You can. You are trained for that. If not you, who» and the rest.

So, here I am before my circle of friends meeting you again, sharing my humble thoughts in the language that is conquering my heart, the one I use to communicate my love daily for almost seven months now. I am seven months old, and please bear with me in my first in-spir(it)ed endeavor with the mother tongue of great hearts like Thoreau and Wolf; intimidated yes but challenged more so.

So, what can one say about our corner on Earth’s blue, I am sharing the beauty and keeping how sacred Home is to myself; our unique view from our heart’s own eyes.

20 years Koufonissi and counting

20 years Koufonissi and counting


Best wishes for a wonderful Fall [that always follows a magical Summer], and as Mary says in her latest post  «Seasonal change to be handled in its own manner»(«Κάθε αλλαγή Εποχής χρειάζεται ειδική διαχείριση»).

much love and a big hug till next week



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  • Mary Pitiakoudi
    Απάντηση Οκτωβρίου 22, 2014

    Mary Pitiakoudi

    Hey I am your first like!!!hehehe «with the right» for the new season dear Aspi!
    I feel the warmth of your summer,the home-missing feeling of belonging to the blue!
    There was a time that I used to speak this language for months after months as well and feel great to get to know you as seven months old!!You sound wiser than this but all babes are wiser than we all think!!
    kiss kiss from this side of your world!

  • by_aspi
    Απάντηση Οκτωβρίου 22, 2014


    Hey ne ne ne! All babies are wiser than we think yeah! thank you! hugs