Common Cold and Baby

So the baby got sick, this is the first time, i know for a fact you are panicking. You probably have searched thoroughly the internet for causes, facts, symptoms, even complications.  I know i had! The very thought of her not being able to breathe through her snuffed-up nose, had brought tears to my eyes.

In reality, things were not as bad. A  thought I always find relieving is that it is sooo hard to make babies and it takes sooo much time for a reason: they are strong and capable of fighting off most diffulties. The common cold is definitely one of them.

Here is what I do and has, so far, worked wonderfully!

1. A bubble bath a day…!

Fill the bathtub and enjoy a great bubble bath with the baby! Make sure, though, the room you take the baby after the bath is of appropriate temperature, as the baby- warm from the bath- will be more sensitive to drafts.

2. Go with the Flow!

We always increase vitamin C intake, by adding freshly squizzed lemons, oranges, grapefruit and similar fruit juices to our menu

3 Soup it up!

Chicken soup is a regular chez nous, and feeling a little sick is everybody’s perfect excuse!

4. It must be a Mediterranean thing, but i feel the mountain tea is panacea. We add honey (forbidden to babies less than 12 months old),a few drops of lemon and we serve warm.

5. Bring water to boil and add eucalyptus leaves or essential oil. Diminishes cough to a minimum.

6. A lot of hugging and touching and playing- a happy baby seems to heal better and faster.

In no way am I trying to substitute a doctor or a book on the issue. That is why i am not even mentioning the saline drops, or the compresses or stuff that you will get to read everywhere.

Be patient, be loving.

It’s going to take 4- 6 days no matter what you do, so take it like a woman!

(Tip:  arrange a spa pedi next week or a massage! You will have deserved it!)


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