Mom Fatale Tunes: Power Start-up!

I begged her to write a couple of words. She handles music just fine but you should hear her one-liners! But no! This first time, she wanted to speak the universal track language!

So, here it is, Athanasia’s suggestions for an amazing start up!


1.Groovefinder-Vs-Nina-Simone-Aint-got-no-life-1.Groovefinder Vs Nina Simone – Ain’t got no life

2.Harry-Belafonte-Jump-In-The-Line2.Harry Belafonte – Jump In The Line

3.The-Coasters-Yakety-Yak3.The Coasters – Yakety Yak

4.Club-Des-Belugas-Straight-To-Memphis-Feat-Brenda-Boykin4.Club Des Belugas – Straight To Memphis – Feat Brenda Boykin

5.Los-Destellos-Para-Elisa5.Los Destellos – Para Elisa



(Tip: Next Thursday, on MOM FATALE the “SPRING NOW” tracklist!)


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