The 10 Answers That Get Babysitter the Job

1. How do you see yourself spending your day with a baby this age?

Well, ask yourself first and understand that an employee cannot do as much. Yet, issues related to basic meals and their preparation, diapering tactics and games are definitely part of the ideal answer.

2. How often do you think a baby should be diapered and bathed?

I am the proud mother of a baby who has never had a rush so far and she is eating pretty much everything. As such, I consider “diapering as soon as the baby pees and bath each time it soils its diaper”  a straight A answer.  If the sitter doesn’t know so, does she seem eager to learn, or willing to implement?

3. What is a bigger problem in your opinion- a baby swallowing dog’s food or touching bleach?

Apparently, the second. Bleach is a dangerous chemical and babies should be nowhere around them. Dog food on the other hand is gross and you would’nt want your kid eating it. Yet, between the two, bleach remains the dangerous one. Well, what did she say? Is her judgment sound, because her job calls for a terrible amount of decisions-making.

4. What was your last job and why did you leave it?

This will give you some insight on the BS’ character and work ethics. Do you see yourself working well with such person?

5. What is your dream job?

If she answers that what she does is, ask her why, put your liar detector on and listen. If she answers something completely different than what she does (she is a BS but wants to be an actress)- and she is not too young- well, that should tell you even more.

6. How will you get to work?

Either there is decent way for the BS to get to work, or it will reflect on her paycheck.

7. How do you feel about last minute calls?

She should be willing to help you out, but take it  into consideration if she has no life to give up.

8. Are there any restrictions to what you can do- physical, medical or other?

It’s a rather polite way to ask her if she is healthy and if she takes medication- both very important around a baby. Nomatter how certain you feel about your final choice, always ask for all proper health certificates. You don’t want to be negligent with anything related to Baby’s health.

9.Why do you want this job?

Because your kid is adorable should be part of the answer. If not because she means it, then because it’s the polite thing to say to a mother and a possible future employer.

10. How do you think this internview went?

Check her self-assessment skills now that you can.

Mom Fatale A

(Tip: Always start with a two-week trial period to see how it goes, before you make your final decision!)

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