Taking Baby to the Sea

One of the things I really love about Samothraki, the place we live, is that it’s really easy to do the things you long for.

For instance, you realize that it’s really hot, not windy at all, hence the perfect day to take the boat out.

It will take you something like 15 minutes to realize that.

So we did.

mom fatale boat

Daphne was quite sceptical and she kept looking for a life vest.

mom fatale on the boat 1

Finally, she settled for some plastic boat crap which kept her engaged and I coud take a breath and feel like a normal person (with crazy boat hair).

mom fatale on the boat 2

Another thing I love about Samothraki is that it’s very quiet and it stays like that till the first week of August. In a mother’s world, full of noises and sounds, calm can really be appreciated.  And sunbathing too.

mom fatale Samothraki beach

Yes, we go swimming daily.

olia samothraki makrilies

The sea is ok, the rivers are frozen but summer is out there everywhere and the change of pace is much appreciated. And needed, now that she walks.


At the risk of sounding ironic, how was your week?


(Tip:  Have some fun! Chores can wait. They really can!)

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